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Next season style trends that you need to know

The fashion world has been in constant state of flux recently. Now that consumers essentially have the entire world at their fingertips (in the shape of their smartphones), they want everything right here, right now. We want things instantly and a ‘see now, buy now’ culture has emerged.

As well as all of this, the way that many of the leading brands and designers are choosing to present their collections is evolving too. Earlier this year, Burberry announced that it was going ‘seasonless’ and the traditional fashion calendar is being disrupted.

And fashion editors are in agreement about one thing – now is the time to be individual. This season, now more than ever, it’s cool to mix and match the styles and trends that are hot.

So, what are the trends you need to know?

This season’s style: Stripes  d3be11aa3f2c3c0006a37c32bb0760b6blog1blog

Stripes are in this season, big time. And by stripes we mean not just the timeless Breton stripe, but all sorts of stripes. Big stripes, little stripes, bold stripes; Stripes of different textures. Stripes in unusual colours and different sizes. And it’s not just stripes of the horizontal variety either. Stripes in patchwork designs and asymmetrical looks are on trend too.

This season’s fabric: Velvet

Once the preserve of formal and elegant evening wear, velvet is making a comeback. Now it can be mixed with your day-time wardrobe too. You’ll see velvet popping up everywhere, from trouser suits to handbags to thigh-high boots. The accessory of choice to blend with velvet is anything metallic.


This season’s colour: Purple

If velvet is the fabric of choice this season, the stand-out colour trend is purple. The Milan and Paris shows were awash with purple hues. Purple can be worn from top-to-toe, if you dare. For a slightly more conservative look, just accessories in purple. Brighten any outfit with some a blast of purple.

This season’s coat: The mac

No new season would be complete without a coat trend and this autumn it’s clear what trend it is – an old staple, the mac. Whether it’s a mac with an iconic trench coat vibe, macs in rich, colourful brocades or macs cut from supple leather – the mac is back.



This season’s design: Animal print

We’ve already said how stripes are in this season. Well, spots are too – animal spots. In fact, any spots and stripes: cheetah, leopard, jaguar or a combination of all the big cats. Animal motifs were everywhere on the catwalk, so you can expect animal print to feature heavily this season on the high street too.


The best of the rest

So, what else do you need to know? Well, alongside all the stripes and patchwork, any check design is most certainly in. Prince of Wales check is definitely leading the pack, but you can expect to see tartan and gingham hot on its heels too.

Elsewhere, knitted capes, ruffles and bold shoulder pads – the bigger the better – are styles to look out for, and you’ll notice a distinctly Eighties’ flavour in much of what you see in the shops.


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