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The Most Fashionable Fingers of Instagram

We’re serial Instagrammers at PamperBook! We love how one little click transports you through a digital journey, traveling to exotic destinations, lusting after the wardrobes of the super stylish and delving into the lives of the rich and famous and let’s face it… stalking our favourite celebrities too. Instagram also fills us with inspiration and provides us with all the latest hair, beauty and fitness trends that you can also find via PamperBook through the fabulous salons, Read More

Next season style trends that you need to know

The fashion world has been in constant state of flux recently. Now that consumers essentially have the entire world at their fingertips (in the shape of their smartphones), they want everything right here, right now. We want things instantly and a 'see now, buy now' culture has emerged. As well as all of this, the way that many of the leading brands and designers are choosing to present their collections is evolving too. Earlier this year, Burberry announced that it was going 'seasonless' Read More